Of all things, finding property investors with cash to invest is always near the top of the list for those in the property business. But where do you find them?

Before I proceed to answer that question, let me get one thing out of the way — as with most other businesses, real estate is a social game, and networking is the key to making a winning move here. Also, investment in property involves a lot of credibility building. Investors tend to put a lot of emphasis on trust. Therefore, you too, must be prepared to invest in making useful connections and building a trusted working relationship.

1. Get in the Club

One of the best ways to finding property investors with capital is to hang out where they hang out. The idea is to look outside the box for places where cash-rich investors might be spending their time.

Golf clubs, flying clubs and other such clubs with sophisticated membership and clientele are the meeting grounds for property investors. The fraternity is socialising here but also actively networking about investing opportunities and setting sights on potential deals. If you can manage an entry here, you will have access to a community of cash-rich investors.

2. Attend Events

The social highlights of launches, openings, charity balls, auction meets, etc. attract property investors because they get to do some of their own networking in these places. The invitation lists in these events is a legitimate gathering of potential investors for your business listings. These places are teeming with people who don’t need to be prepped to invest; they do that for a living. Instead, all you need is a good deal, and you have secured your contacts.

3. Be at the Property Networking Meets

Networking meets are the hunting ground for members of the real estate. Property seminars, business events, or business angel network events are professional set-ups and often an excellent way to meet and network with property investors from a broad spectrum.

Pro tip: Cash-rich investors mostly attend ‘paid for’ property events. So it’s advisable that you spend your time and money here rather than in those ‘free’ events that generally see a lot of low-quality investors.

However, one of the drawbacks of such a gathering is the high possibility of investors getting tons of pitches from fellow investors. Often, members would be hard selling special offers that are tempting. So unless you want to be sold to, be on your guard.

4. Visit Membership Sites

These sites are where you can find a more focused group of people you’d want on your side as investors. You can even specialise your search in terms of commercial or non-commercial. Get the communication started by joining these sites and start networking with your potential investors.

5. Make Your Presence Felt in Online Forums

Online forums are a good place to feel the pulse of the industry. Property Forum, Property Hub, and Property Tribes are some of the best ones to have a membership on.

So how do you get the most out of these forums? Get on board and start participating in discussions, advice people, ask for tips, and watch out for the trends among property investors. Besides, signature links can direct traffic towards your website too. Also, online advertising on property related forums, opting for mailer lists, etc. can open avenues to property investors.

Pay regular visits to these forums and get to know people; connections will begin to materialise as you interact with them. Conversations open up a lot of possibilities, and it all depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to spend in actively doing these things.

Even with the Brexit shadow looming, a survey by Experience Invest suggests that 2019 is going to see a surge in property investments. According to the survey, 39% property investors are interested in extending their assets while 15% intend to invest in new properties by selling off at least one unit among the existing assets. The year, therefore, is looking ahead at a lot of action in the real estate investment scene. So, show up at the places we discussed and build your property investors’ list today!

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